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This game will piss a lot of people off.

I managed to get through all 30 of them. I am a natural when it comes to using logic, but for about 99.9% of the people in the world, they will be very angry that they cannot win this game by thinking with their dicks like they always do. Nice job with the 3D aspect and control. This was well made.


It was pretty good for this type of game.

Yeah, it's like the previous guy said. I got to the level where .152 was the requirement, but I have gotten .138 in 2 of the previous levels. I know there are people who can beat even that. People have got to learn to keep their traps closed when they have the urge to brag.


Like others have said, holding up, right, and space wins the game with no effort, and I figured that out before I read any of the reviews.
This game, without that "cheat", is way too hard. You have no idea what's on the next screen before you jump into it. Meaning you get blasted to hell and lose 3 lives before you even know what hit you. Also when a character moves so fast it is way too hard to control. You tap left or right just once, as lightly as you can, and you fly half-way across the screen (I know I am overexagerating but the way it is, it might as well be that way).

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Great except...

You may want to make beginner mode a lot less IMPOSSIBLE. I can barely make it through the first level, then the second level is just covered in fire before the enemies even appear. Seeing as a limited supply of bombs is given to clear the way of bullets, it seems utterly impossible to keep your shields from going from full to nothing in a split second. I don't know if your code got messed up or not but is beginner supposed to shower you with 5+ enemies on screen at all times on the first level, and then get harder yet after that?

Also seeing as trying to move up-left is impossible because of some Flash limitation makes maneuvering all the harder. This is where you lose points on interactivity. It's not very interactive when you get a couple seconds of game and.........it's over.


Very challenging game, and I see people complain about the 4th level. I finally figured out you gotta sneak around the RIGHT side, cheat a little as the student is complaining, then quick get out of the line of vision. Run in again and cheat the rest of the way. You don't have ANY time to lose though, you must make every second count.


I believe you need to work on something to resolve the issue that if you screw up one trick, you are suck behind something and can't go anywhere. Stuck behind a fire hydrant? Stuck behind a big ramp? Try having a feature that moves the rider back some so you can get speed to jump these obstacles. If you don't want to do that, at least add a reset button for an easy way to start over.

Ummmmm, no

To make a successful sound board you should have short clips, not long long segments. Some of those sounds were boring and very low quality. Also, try checking your spellings, like borrow and disgusted. Poor spelling only shows people you are a tiny little kid barely out of 2nd grade. I know it sounds harsh, but I felt it needed said.

What kind of...

I did really well until I reached the cheapass first boss. You can't beat him if he shoves you to the edge and then blows you off. There's no way to resist his blowing powers to keep yourself from being blown off. That's a little lame since there's nothing you can do about it. The real Megaman games' sigma bosses were more possible than this shit.

iragination responds:

Uhm ... you can slide.

Decent except...

Did you know that if you were actually able to ride a jackhammer, the physics would be the same as a POGO STICK. What I am getting at is you lean FORWARD to go FORWARD and BACKWARD to go BACKWARD. Your jackhammer must have tiny wheels and a stablizer to do what it does in this game.
This was very well made as far as flash mechanics is concerned, but the game isn't all the fun, and the music drives me nuts! Violence alone does not make a great game. Sorry to be so harsh, but I felt I needed to say something.

Not good

I bet nobody realized this but you cannot be killed and it gives you the same good job message at the end even if you don't shoot a damn thing.

The character selection is pointless because theres no difference in the game no matter who you pick.

The animation was lousy at points, especially the background during the shooting part.

How this got on the list of good flashes is beyond me.

yurgenburgen responds:

I don't think people need a running commentary on how the game works,"Xelger".

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